This week we've got Darkflame Shyvana, an alternate skin for League of Legends' half-dragon lady, Shyvana. The outfit is one that showcases both the tough-as-nails and softer side of the character, which is something we can appreciate.

Being a half-breed, Shyvana is kind of unique in the world of League of Legends. She was considered by an abomination by both humans and dragons alike. Because of this, she wandered around, never really settling down because she and her dragon father were always on the run. It wasn't until she ran into Jarvan IV, the Prince of Demacia, did she really find a place in life.

This is Galuren, a French cosplayer who was awesome enough to be one of the official cosplayers for Riot Games during Gamescom 2013 in Germany. Judging by her outfit, it's no surprise that she was chosen in an official cosplaying capacity. According to Galuren herself, this particular cosplay took her 10 months to complete on a non-regular basis. She said, "I experimented a lot with this costume, that's why I took that much time. It is my first armor and my first helmet."

The bulk of the armor is made from Worbla, a thermoplastic material. She admits that it was her first time using it, but we can't argue with the fantastic results. The helmet itself is made of a mix of cardboard, foam and papier mâché, as is the right claw. The left claw, however, is made from another foam-like material called plastazote. We'd like to try our hand at creating something out of this stuff, but we'll just leave it to the pros like Galuren!

You can catch all of her cosplay awesomeness a variety of ways! If you're so inclined, check out her Facebook, deviantART profile and profile. All shots were taken by the fantastic German photographer, Zaikoor. You can see his work on Facebook and deviantART as well.

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