The cult classic, platforming adventure known as Another World will be given new life when it comes to PlayStation 4.

A post on the PlayStation Blog features some words from The Digital Lounge's CEO, Abrial Dacosta, concerning the release of Another World on PlayStation's next-gen platform. In the post, there's an interview with Erich Chahi and Martial Hesse-Dreville, the two developers responsible for bringing the game to PlayStation 4.

According to Martial, this version will deliver a full HD experience, is rendered at a higher-than-displayed resolution to "enable clean anti-aliased polygon edges" and will pack a crisper visual aesthetic, as well as smoother animations. It'll also support cross-buy, cross platform trophies and cross save features to help entice PlayStation owners.

The game will be available on June 25 for anyone looking for an updated blast from the past.