A new update, called the Arms Deal Update, will allow Counterstrike: Global Offensive players to collect, buy, sell and trade a cache of over 100 new weapons.

According to the blog post on the official Counterstrike site, the weapons will be decorated and can be obtained via timed drops. All you have to do is play CS:GO on official and community servers. Other avenues for obtaining these weapons are by opening dropped weapon cases using keys or by trading through Steam. Players will also be able to sell any weapon they've obtained through the Steam Marketplace.

Valve has also announced the eSports Weapon Case, a portion of the proceeds for which will go towards prize purses at competitive events. To cap off the announcement, Valva has added two new stock weapons for everyone to enjoy: the M4A1-S and the USP-S.

Let us know what you think about this update and whether or not you're rarin' to get collecting.