Tuesday is upon us and the week is revving up. In order to help us get through it, let's call upon the guidance of one of gaming's unsung big sisters, Cordelia Darling from Lollipop Chainsaw.

Cordelia Starling helps train Juliet in the art of hunting zombies. With her sniper rifle, she is an unstoppable zombie-killing dynamo. The best part? She's voiced by Freaks and Geeks' own Linda Cardellini. According to her bio, she loves guns, quesadillas and bullet woulds in her enemies. Her dislikes include talking in movie theaters, the color blue and sea monsters. She'd probably would have hated opening night for the movie Deep Blue Sea.

Here is Nebulaluben as Cordelia herself. Her coif is styled in just the right way to accurately portray the character. The outfit she's wearing is pretty much a carbon copy of Cordelia's getup. The only point of inaccuracy might be that the rifle she's rocking isn't Cordelia's favorite L115A3 Long Range Rifle. But you know what? She still kicks ass.

Come on down to her Facebook page and give her some love. You'll see many more outfits that feature her partner, Erikku-kun.

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