Cooking Mama 5 Preheats the Oven for a September 16 Release


Publisher Majesco has announced the North American release date for its upcoming 3DS cooking title, Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit!

Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit! has been out in Japan since last November, but North American audiences will have to wait until this fall to experience Mama’s newest culinary adventure. Bon Appétit will feature new 60 recipes to unlock and master. You will be shaking your own drinks, baking your own desserts and more. Players will cook a plethora of familiar and exotic foods, including chicken nuggets, barbeque dishes, steaks, cookies and more. Six game modes are included, and players will also be able to bring Mama out of the kitchen for more than 30 new activities, such as feeding pets kitchen scraps, delivering food for orders and playing word games. The game will also feature single-cart download play, enabling up to three players to play together from a single cart.

The Cooking Mama series has sold over 13 million copies worldwide, and Cooking Mama 5 looks to be the most robust and expansive title in the franchise’s history. We’ll have more info as the game’s September 16 release date approaches.

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