Sony confirmed today that, along with the Destiny-themed PlayStation 4 in Glacier White, colored PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers will be coming to America this September. The controllers are available for pre-order now.

As we already knew, the Destiny PS4 bundle will come with the Glacier White console and controller, as well as a copy of Destiny, on September 9. On the PlayStation Facebook page, Sony announced that the Wave Blue Dual Shock 4 controller, already available in Japan, will make its way to U.S. shelves this Fall. Amazon has already listed the $59.99 controller for pre-order, alongside a previously unannounced Urban Camouflage controller and the stand-alone Glacier White controller at the same price. Unfortunately, the Lava Red controller, also available in Japan, does not seem to be available yet.

While the addition of new colors is a nice incentive for PS4 owners to pick up a new controller, a growing number of gamers are more concerned about the quality of the DualShock 4 they already own. Innumerable accounts of the rubber coating peeling off of PS4 analog sticks have been reported, and many gamers will want to know that the new controllers hold up better than their old ones.