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Ryuu Lavitz.Nintendo

Just in time for the holiday season, we've got Christmas Misty as the Cosplay of the Week. Unwrap this present and catch all the pictures inside.

Ryuu Lavitz, one of our favorite cosplayer friends, has sent us this set of pictures featuring her dressed up as a Christmas version of Pokemon's Misty. She's surrounded by a mountain of presents, as well as Pokemon like Misty's precious little Togepi, but we feel like we're the ones getting a gift. Are cosplayer Christmas cards a thing? If not, then Ryuu Lavitz should definitely pioneer a movement.

This set was just a preview of a cosplay she'll be working on for the summer. She said, "I'll be doing much better Misty photos in the summer with a jumbo Staryu, but I basically just wanted to end the year with a simple but well known cosplay. Everyone knows and loves Misty! Merry Christmas :)"

While Misty might be simple to cosplay, it takes a certain kind of attitude to really let the costume shine, which Ryuu exemplifies here. Of course, this might be a sexier portrayal of the beloved Pokemon trainer than we're used to, but we've got no complaints.

You can see more of the famed Cerulean Gym Leader in a Christmas-themed setting down below. All photos were taken by Ryuu herself, with a tripod. You can visit her Facebook through this link to keep abreast of all of her cosplay updates and general musings.

Ryuu Lavitz
Ryuu Lavitz
Ryuu Lavitz
Ryuu Lavitz
Ryuu Lavitz
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