Rock Runners has been chomping at the bit and Chillingo, along with developer Recoil Games, are ready to let the game sprint into App Stores tonight at midnight. As you might guess from the title, in Rock Runners you play as a group of colorful space miners with a penchant for staying on the go. Running miners! In space! They just have indestructible lungs.

In the game, you have to help direct these running miners through tunnels, collecting gems and avoiding traps as you go along. Taps on your screen will control when your miner will jump to get around chasms or nasty obstacles like toxic ooze. You also get to use a laser grappling hook, which will become an essential tool as you cruise through the space mines.

The game will feature 140 levels for you to trot through, which is a hefty amount. But some stages will be made faster if you come across any blue and orange warp points that will take you to different parts of the level. Blue and orange, eh ... where's this sudden craving for cake coming from?

Want to head to space and mine some stuff? Maybe rattle off a couple of miles and get your heart rate up? Then check out the launch trailer and some screenshots below! Look for our review once the game hits!