If you are a fan of ninjas and the endless runner genre of mobile games, then allow us to sound the alarm for you. Because developer Monkey Potion has carved out something you should be aware of. That something is Jade Ninja, an endless runner that will have you slashing your way though tons of baddies with maximum stealth.

Jade Ninja plays like a combination of endless runners like Punch Quest and Jetpack Joyride, combined with the swipe-slashing fun of Fruit Ninja. Here's how it breaks down: your ninja runs to the right of the screen, the enemies run to the left. Swipe to slash them out of your way. Wax on, wax off, repeat.

At your disposal will be an arsenal of different ninja-y weapons, such as the default slashing implement the katana, to poking weapons like a spear. Each weapon uses a varying amount of energy, based on its size and speed. Managing your energy usage adds a cool new twist to the endless runner strategy of just surviving as long as possible.

But in order to progress, you will have to master your ninja skills, for only the most trained of warriors will be allowed to make it to the end of the game. By this, we meant that Monkey Potion decided to make you have to achieve three stars on every level before you're allowed to progress to the next one. While we are mostly okay with this, we're not sure this will sit will with some casual iOS gamers out there. But for only a buck, Jade Ninja is definitely worth a look.

Check out the trailer below: