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Me-OW! We're fairly certain that this is another one that needs no introduction, but check out Batman: Arkham City's Catwoman, our Cosplay of the Day!

Selina Kyle is a woman who's turned thievery into an art. Also, she's absolutely killer in her skin-tight outfit, which serves the dual purposes of making her more mobile and disarming would-be foes with her looks. But even when she does get into scrapes, she's more than capable of taking care of herself thanks to her martial arts skills and the way she uses that whip. One look at her and you know that this cat burglar always lands on her feet.

Donning Catwoman's outfit from Arkham City is US cosplayer, Bethany Maddock. Below are shots of her work-in-progress outfit and then the full, screen-accurate suit. We've got to give her major props for the suit, because we know we'd probably dehydrate and then burst into flames if we tried wearing something that tight that was made of leather.

Come see her other cosplay pieces, including a female Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, on Bethany's deviantART page! Let us know what you think of these pictures in the comments below!

Jessica Bartlett
Jessica Bartlett
C Wish Cosplay Photography
Jessica Bartlett
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