E3Port Card: Nintendo E3 2013 Direct
Today is our final installment, and Nintendo’s E3 2013 Direct is in our sights. Nintendo chose a different route for its E3 presentation last year, but did a difference in presentation make for a more accurate E3? Let’s find out!
E3Port Card: Sony E3 2013 Media Briefing
Today it’s time to talk Sony, who really wowed the crowd last year with an impressive lineup of upcoming games and some fantastic gauntlet-dropping at the end. We’ll never forget that last moment, but did the rest of the conference perform as well? Let’s take a look!
The New Aesthetic and 8-Bit Nostalgia
On a bigger scale, on a cultural level, pixel art has evolved. It is no longer seen as a limited interpretation of the physical world but is self-referential and continually pushing outside the boundaries of the technology it is aping.
E3Port Card: Ubisoft E3 2013 Media Briefing
Today we’re talking Ubisoft, who brought pirates, Rabbids, and a few surprises to the big show last year. How much of it actually came true? How much are we still waiting to play for ourselves? Time to find out!
E3Port Card: EA E3 2013 Media Briefing
Now we move to EA, who had a pretty decent showing last year with a lot of new and unexpected titles. Were they able to make good on their promises, or are we still waiting for the best parts to come true?
The Great Backlog Battle: (No) Hope for the Future
No one really knows what the future holds, but for generations, science fiction authors the world over have been trying to give their own interpretations. While every single vision of what the future holds comes from a different mind, there are many similarities that are easy to spot. One of the big…
Video Game Reboots and Remakes: What (Not) to Do
Reboots and remakes have become dirty words around Hollywood; phrases to denote soulless cash-ins from bloated producers looking to mine a buck off of our collective nostalgia. The video game industry isn't immune to the lucrative lure of similar projects, which is why we've seen so many r…

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