Hotline Miami Jacket Kickstarter Makes the Digital Physical
Last August, ESC Toys and Dennaton Games turned to Kickstarter in an attempt to bring the protagonist of Hotline Miami to life in action figure form. The hope was to turn Jacket into a sixth-scale collectible, with all manner of accessories and authentic clothing pulled from the game itself to accom…
What a Game Like No Man’s Sky Means
I’m old enough to remember some of the earliest days of the space flight sims, so when I saw the first advertisements for No Man’s Sky, I watched it with all the awe of a child watching ads for Star Trek or Star Wars for the very first time.
Destiny is an Online Experience All its Own
Destiny is not an MMORPG. Call it a shared world shooter or make all of the Borderlands comparisons you want, but bundling it with all of the current MMOs does Destiny a disservice. Destiny doesn't fit into conventional labels, and perhaps it shouldn't.
Best Games of 2014
We'll be here making sure you remember all the great games that arrived throughout 2014 with this continually updating list of the Best Games of 2014 (So Far).
The Mystique of the Loot n’ Shoot
With the launch of Destiny and the latest installment in the Borderlands franchise, the genre is arguably straddling the line between strong and stagnant. What keeps this genre that does the same things wrong, time after time, floating and lucrative?
Why I (Thought I) Miss(ed) Club Penguin
I missd the blissfully carefree days of grade school, and maybe this could be my way of escaping back in time. So, I created a new account and jumped head first into the frozen, heartless, unforgiving tundra known as Club Penguin.

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