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8 Best Team-Based Games to Watch in 2016
2016 is fixing up to be an amazing year for player vs player team-intensive titles. Major publishers abound are taking to this model that's almost MOBA-ish (like Defense of the Ancients or League of Legends) and infusing it with a much more action-intensive feel, such as being set in the skelet…
10 Best Metroidvania Games
The past few years have seen a ton of Metroidvania games pop up on nearly every console available so it’s only natural to wonder which are the best. These are the 10 Best Metroidvania Games.
20 Best Pokémon Gym Leaders
Is the world of Pokémon really all about Pokémon? Certainly to an extent it is, but there’s another aspect of each game that’s arguably as important as the pocket monsters themselves. They’re the gates that test your skill at every major turn in a Pokémon game. Th…
10 Best Diablo Bosses
Diablo III's latest update has arrived, bringing with it new loot to wear and new monsters to slay. This nearly twenty-year-old franchise has a long history of sprawling dungeons and epic battles between sharply-dressed heroes and unfathomably-evil villains, so before you return to Sanctuary to…
10 Worst Missions in Open World Games
With the proliferation of open-world games comes hordes of new side activities like bowling, insurance fraud, and goat combat. No matter how much side content gets packed into an open-world game, though, there's no escaping those main story missions. Most story missions are designed to be the b…
10 Best Metal Gear Solid Bosses
Everyone has their personal favorites when it comes to Metal Gear characters, and the debates between friends and fans could rage for hours over which was the best. But why get into a tiff with your besties when you can just let us do all the heavy lifting?

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