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10 Best Video Game Spies
Love them or hate them, they’ve each certainly made a mark on the landscape of the universes they inhabit by their actions. These are the 10 best spies in video games.
10 Pokemon We Don’t Want in Pokemon GO
At this point, it’s safe to call Pokémon GO a certified global phenomenon. I could quote a lot of numbers, but there’s not really a point to doing so. It’s huge. It’s everywhere. It’s the subject of every other article that comes across your Facebook feed. It&…
10 Greatest Video Game Water Levels
It's the dead of summer, and it's hot enough outside to cook an English breakfast on the sidewalk. You just want to cool off, but the local pool has four screaming children and four gallons of urine for every one gallon of actual H20. How's someone supposed to keep cool in such blazin…
10 Creepiest Lovecraftian Monsters in Games
Most of the time, the very idea and implied existence is the most unsettling aspect of the eldritch creatures in these stories. These 10 blasphemous creatures embody H.P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror better than any other.
10 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2016
It’s the most wonderful time of the year again folks: E3 2016 is nearly upon us. With another hurricane of gaming news about to crash onto the shores of our consciousness, there’s a handful of games that I’m more excited about than the others, both brand new IPs and established…

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