Castle Story was presented at PAX East and from what we've seen. It looks like a real-time strategy alternative to Minecraft. It also looks just as addictive!

Castle Story was a game that appeared on Kickstarter awhile ago. Now, we're able to see it in a much more complete form. You essentially get to play overlord for hundreds of little minions that you direct to do your bidding. They mine things for you, build your castles, and defend them against all manner of ill willed opponents. Did we mention that your castles will be on floating islands in the sky? Yeah, we know that's pretty damn cool.

The really interesting part about Castle Story is that while you are seemingly omnipotent, your little minions aren't. They can be tripped up by poor castle layout and poor mine planning. Their limitations force you to think strategically about where you'll place your mines and how your castle will be built. They need scaffolding and walkways in order to place blocks at the proper height  These limitations force you to think a bit more creatively in your approach to castle building.

After the Kickstarter, the developers have since hired someone to work on integrating multiplayer into the game. You'll then be able to cooperatively build floating castles in the sky, or battle each other with catapults.

Keep and eye out for Castle Story when it comes out this year on PC. In the meantime, you can scope out some gameplay below.