If you were lucky enough to have played the quirky wresting game, Rumble Roses, then you'd know that the mix of hot women and ridiculous wrestling moves always equals a unique gaming experience. One of these brawling beauties was a wrestler named Candy Cane, who is today's Cosplay of the Day.

Candy Cane was the schoolgirl outfit-wearing leader of an all-girl punk band called The Killer Barbies who entered the ring to win money for the orphanage she called home. Candy has a cheerleader alter ego named Becky, whose cheer abilities fuel her wrestling moves. Hey, we might not be able to fathom how this girl's mind works, but it makes for one cool character bio.

Rose Ryan looks absolutely stunning as Candy Cane, getting every bit of the character's outfit right, even down to the way the belt has those little white studs. She looks pretty much like the character stepped out through the TV and into the real world, alter ego and all. No matter what persona she's portraying, Rose's beauty has us reaching for the ropes in submission.

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