Bungie Reveals Destiny Box Art

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It'll be a while until we can actually have a copy of Bungie's and Activision's Destiny in our hands, but that doesn't mean we can't ogle the box art today.

On Monday, Bungie unveiled the box art for all four console versions of its upcoming sprawling sci-fi epic, Destiny. There's an air of mystery about the characters on the cover, but you certainly get a good idea about Destiny's style and subject matter.

Bungie also announced a new trailer would be coming this week, and would offer us a glimpse at some never-before seen aspects of Destiny's world. We've been interested in just about everything Bungie's had to say so far, so we're definitely eager to see more of Destiny in action, even if we aren't going to be playing the final game until sometime in 2014 at the earliest.

For now, enjoy these new images.

ScreenCrush Source: Bungie Reveals Destiny Box Art
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