Everyone loves popping bubbles. Whether it's at the park during a family picnic or busting your friend's bubble when you tell him you've been sleeping with his girlfriend, nothing is more fun than popping bubbles. Now you can bust your friend's bubbles with Bubble Galaxy. For free!

In Bubble Galaxy with Buddies, play against your friends in head-to-head bubble bursting competitions. You've got 60 seconds to shoot as many bubbles as you can before time runs out. Pick from three characters and travel throughout the galaxy.

You can challenge your friends through Facebook or SMS, use in-game messaging to talk smack (or reveal the affair you're having with your friend's wife), and earn free coins and power-ups. There's a paid version of the app that's ad free, but who wants to pay for apps? Not us!

Click to download Bubble Galaxy with Buddies for your iPhone!