Get ready to head off into the breach once more, Vault Hunters! The level increase update is coming for Borderlands 2 as early as next week and Gearbox Software has listed some of the changes we can expect.

For starters, there will actually be two updates on April 2nd, 2013: the free software update and the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack. The free software update will be available for all and will add new items to the Black Market, increase the maximum amount of Eridium you can hold from 99 to 500, adds the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode as a sort of New Game++, and fixes some bugs.

Players can enjoy all of this new content for no additional cost, but for $4.99, they can grab the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack, which raises the level cap from 50 to 61, adds 11 more skill points, and introduces new "Ancient" E-Tech relics and Pearlescent-grade weapons for players to loot.

Of course, if you've purchased the Season Pass, you'll have access to the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack for absolutely free.

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