Borderlands 2 Sixth Playable Character Arrives as DLC Next Week


Looks like Borderlands 2 fans still have plenty to look forward to with the addition of Krieg on May 14th, and the next DLC installment due out in June.

Krieg was originally announced way back when at PAX East, but wasn't given a proper release date until this week. He'll be the sixth playable character in Borderlands 2, joining Gaige the Mecromancer as the only other downloadable cast member.

exCiTeD tO mEAT NEw FrIEnDs sOon…

— KRIEG (@ECHOcasts) May 6, 2013


You'll be able to snap up the axe-wielding Krieg next week for $9.99 (800MSP). The Psycho Bandit will have three new skill trees to max out, including Bloodlust (powers up after kills with the Buzz Axe), Mania (Krieg causes more damage as he is damaged), and Hellborn (which makes Krieg more powerful when he's on fire). You'll have plenty of time to beef up his stats before Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep arrives in June.

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