In these newest screenshots for Borderlands 2's final piece of downloadable content, we get to see the beautiful background set for the ultimate duel between Sir Hammerlock and the Son of Crawmerax.

That's right, Headhunter 4: Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax is on! In these screenshots, we get to see Sir Hammerlock settle in for some drinks amidst a tropical island background as prepares (you), to fight the massive Son of Crawmerax.

We have also included a bonus screenshot for the Mad Moxxi & the Wedding Day Masscre DLC, which was released last week. We can't wait to see what sort of legendary spoils will drop once we down that colossal, carnivorous crustacean.

This final piece of Borderlands 2 DLC is due out on April 15 for the price of $2.99.