Gamespot has recently reported on some huge upcoming announcements for Borderlands 2 fans. A PAX East, coming up in a couple of weeks in Boston, Gearbox Software will not only unveil details on the upcoming Borderlands 2 level cap increase, but also a brand new character class.

The character class hasn’t yet been named and hasn’t been officially revealed yet. However, Gearbox has shown a trailer which describes the class as an, “escaped experiment.” The silhouette of the class is shown ripping apart bandits limb from limb with his bare hands. This has lead some to speculate that the class will be entirely focused on melee attacks, much like Brick from Borderlands 1. However, Zero, the assassin, already has a tree focused on melee abilities, so it will be interesting to see how this new class does or does not step on his toes.

As of now it is not clear whether or not this class will be its own downloadable content or if it will be offered as a part of the fourth upcoming campaign DLC. The Mechromancer, Borderlands 2’s fifth character class, was available as a pre-order bonus but then had to be purchased separately from the DLC included in the season pass.

The Gearbox Software panel at PAX East will be held at 13:30 EST on March 24th. Gearbox has promised us lots of Borderlands 2 info in addition to discussions of the level cap and the new character class. Panels at PAX will be live-streamed from the PAX East website this year, so tune in for all the latest Borderlands info.