Bombshell Trailer: From the Ashes of Duke Nukem


In conjunction with their subsidiary, 3D Realms, Danish developer Interceptor Entertainment has announced that it will bring a new title, Bombshell to PC and PlayStation 4 early next year. The announcement is accompanied by a teaser trailer that spotlights the game’s <ahem> titular protagonist.

While the video gives us little info, a set of screenshots informs us that Bombshell will be a top-down action game with a future-punk aesthetic and lots of firepower.

The influence of 3D Realms, former owner of the Duke Nukem franchise, is evident in the trailer. Bombshell, with her half-shaven head, cybernetic arm, Halle Berry-esque 'Catwoman' costume and all-around bad-ass attitude, has a distinctly cheesy '90s feel to her, and would fit in perfectly in a Duke Nukem game. Interceptor, who purchased 3D Realms in March, has previously released several Duke Nukem titles, as well as last year’s remake of the 1995 shooter, Rise of the Triad. Factor in that this game appears to be what's taken place of Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction, and you can see just where Bombshell might be headed.

Based on the early screenshots and trailer, there’s nothing here that will get gamers too excited, but Interceptor has a solid year to tighten the screws. Hopefully we’ll see some major improvements in future updates.

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