It's no secret that World of Warcraft's Blood Elves are among the most aesthetically-pleasing characters in the game. It would make sense for cosplayers who love WoW to cosplay them, since all it would really require is an outfit and some pointy ears. Let's take a look at a Blood Elf Mage, today's Cosplay of the Day!

They've been called "anime elves" before because of their cool hairstyles, angular facial features, and large eyes, but World of Warcraft's Blood Elves can't help it if they're all attractive. Even their starting area, Eversong Forest, is a beautiful wooded place that seems to have a glow about it. Sure, some Blood Elves might seem like they're ditsy beach bunnies, but they hide powerful arcane abilities.

This is Lena-Lara, a German cosplayer who decided to portray a female Blood Elf Mage. These mages are some of the most powerful in the game thanks to their affinity for the arcane arts and their need to fuel their spellweaving with constant study of mana and its effect. The costume definitely looks like standard cloth armor in the game, which kind of protects very little, but allows the mage to explode with spells. And it doesn't hurt that Lena-Lara's quite a looker as well.

Check out her deviantART for more cosplaying goodness, including a few sets of different Tomb Raider outfits!