Cyanide and Focus Home Entertainment have announced that they are bringing their 2009 game, Blood Bowl, to tablets.

No release date has been given, nor a price, but the hyper-violent fantastical football game will be available on iPads and Android tablets.

2009’s Blood Bowl is a remake of the 1995 MS-DOS game of the same name. That title was inspired by a board game version, which was in turn based on Games Workshop’s Warhammer tabletop strategy game. Originally released for the PSP, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and PC, the tablet game will look slightly different than the original release, but will retain the series’ signature violence and humor.

Upon release, only two teams will be included; Orcs and Humans. Four other teams will be available for purchase through the in-game store. Each team has distinct strengths and weaknesses, and can be built up through campaign mode. Single matches are also available for solo play, but the lasting allure of the game is in multiplayer modes. “Hotseat” mode lets players go head-to-head, and a massive permanent league will allow players to create and develop their teams against players from around the world, and on various consoles with cross-platform play.