Black Cat (Marvel: Avengers Alliance) - Cosplay of the Day

Simon Trussell/Marvel

It's time for another character that has crossed over many different mediums! Let's take a look at Spider-Man's Felicia Hardy, otherwise known as the infamous Black Cat, in the Cosplay of the Day.

Felicia was a bright girl who took after her father and became a cat burglar once she learned about his criminal past. She trained her body to be strong and developed reflexes befitting her alter ego's name, Black Cat. Along with being a master thief and vigilante, she was also Spider-Man's main squeeze for a short while. She's got brawn, brains, and beauty, making her a strong candidate for Cosplay of the Day.

This is Masubi in Black Cat's skintight outfit, complete with choker, mask, and white hair. And it's fitting that she's cosplaying as a master thief, because she's definitely stolen our hearts. We like the way she gets into character and poses with a bit of feline ferocity in these pictures!

Come check out her Facebook page and see what other cosplay awesomeness she has to offer.

Simon Trussell
Simon Trussell
Simon Trussell
Simon Trussell
Simon Trussell
Simon Trussell

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