Get ready to perk up your ears and listen to some of the music that will be streaming out of  BioShock Infinite and into your soul.

IGN has posted an article in which Andrew Goldfarb speaks with Ken Levine and BioShock series composer Garry Schyman about the music in Infinite and what inspired their sounds.

The key word, when it comes to the music in BioShock Infinite, is "sparer."

Ken Levin, head of Irrational Games, said, "When you talk about music being [sparer], what I was referring to was not the frequency of music, but the instrumentation and the style."

He said that the game has, "much more of an American feel to it," and that they wanted to give it more of a frontier feel. Rather than use musical styles exclusive to the era, he figured that less would be more.

Schyman reiterated the sentiment in his interview and said, "Like the original BioShock there is not wall-to-wall music in Infinite. Frankly I do not like wall-to-wall music in video games or films, so I was grateful they kept a similar approach in that respect."

You can read both interviews on IGN and listen to the music in the videos below. BioShock Infinite will be released in just a few weeks on March 26th, 2013!

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