FarSight Studios just released table pack #7 for their Pinball Arcade app, and it's got one old school table and one new horror table!

Big Shot is the 1974 two-player version of the 1973 table Hot Shot. It's a pool themed game that's bright, colorful and is really popular with pinheads. It's pretty cool that you get to play this since it's a hard to find pinball machine.

The second game released in table pack #7 is Scared Stiff, the second Elvira pinball machine (Elvira and the Party Monsters in available in Pinball Arcade). This 1996 game was a popular one, with a great set of rules and fast gameplay. It's also got some naughty one-liners that Elvira says throughout. Pick up each pin separately or pay $4.99 for both of them.

They also released a Pro version of Tales of the Arabian Nights, which (for an additional $3.99), gives you tons of new options, like Ball Control, up-close table exploration, IFPA Pro tips and more. However, the table exploration seems very buggy and it's very difficult to actually control moving around on the table. There are only a few tips as well. It's not worth the extra $4. At least not until they fix the table exploration bug and the tips make sense to beginner players.

We love The Pinball Arcade here at Arcade Sushi. It's one of our favorite apps.

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