The Tribeca Film Festival has chosen Beyond: Two Souls as one of its "Official Selections." This is certainly a blow for those naysayers who think that video games can never be art.

Beyond: Two Souls is the second game ever to earn the coveted title after 2011's L.A. Noire. The inclusion of video games into the festival's selections certainly helps the reputation of interactive entertainment. Quantic Dream is one of the developers actively blurring the line between film and video games. Beyond: Two Souls is a somewhat obvious choice since the previous game from Quantic Dream, Heavy Rain, was as close as you could get to an interactive film.

Ellen Page and the game's director, David Cage, will be at the festival to help promote Beyond: Two Souls with one hour of in game footage, a new trailer, and a "Tribeca Talks" discussion panel. David Cage has been an outspoken proponent of cinematic, emotional storytelling in gaming and having his game featured alongside some of the best films of the year must be a huge feather in his cap.

Beyond: Two Souls is due out on October 8th for the PS3.

Do you think this is a good thing that games have become more and more cinematic?