Our 5 best surgery games taught me a lot about the complex job doctors face on a daily base. First lesson is I'd never be able to do it. Second is that I'd probably faint after seeing all of that blood, which is why I need about 15 nurses to hold me still whenever I go get a physical. These games also taught me that most patients aren't swallowing butterflies and passports. But real surgery games would get awful boring, wouldn't they? Let's cut open these 5 best surgery games and see what's inside. Maybe there are a few here that belong in your gaming emergency room.

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    Hospital Havoc 2

    Bitwise Design, Inc.

    It's tedious, but if you love time management games and building up your medical career, look no further than Hospital Havoc 2. It's a messy menu system, but once you get it down you'll be treating sick patients in no time. Now can someone explain to me what muffins (the game's currency) have to do with the medical field?

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    Polished Play LLC

    Made for kids more than adults, STOPeration requires you move the bug found in the person's body and move it to the exit through the patient's long, winding small intestine. But if the screen flashes red you have to stop or you'll be forced to start over. It's the old game of Red Light, Green Light but with a life on the line instead of playground cred.

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    Toca Doctor

    Bonnier Digital Services AB

    Even kids like to play doctor, and Toca Doctor makes our 5 best surgery games list because of its simple gameplay and bright, pastel colors. Perform simple surgeries like popping bad germs and putting organs in their right spots. Save your patient and move on to the next one. Go get 'em, little Doogie Howser!

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    Applied Studios LLC

    Stitches is tough, but it's fun. This game requires you rotate the items found in your patient, then pull them out before time expires. The concept is easy, but your patients are so injured that it'll take a while to fix them. It's like Operation -- hit the walls, hear a buzzer go off and lose a part of your health meter. Time and your nerves are your only opponents. Can you save this poor man's life and pull the horse head out of his ... abdomen?

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    Amateur Surgeon 2

    Turner Broadcasting System

    I loved the first Amateur Surgeon, and the sequel is so much fun that it easily tops our 5 best surgery games list. The wackiest patients combined with the weirdest operations that require actual strategy and some really clever gameplay will have you entertained for hours. It's gross, it's fun and you can't stop playing it.