• 15

    Pixel People


    This enjoyable little title is a city simulator garnished in the pixellated graphics of old. The world is seemingly floating out in the ether and landmasses and buildings drop out of the sky. You city is also home to dozens of Pixel People who all need something to do. You’ll have to manage your city wisely in order to keep these little guys happy. And let’s be honest, they’re made of pixels. Their day can only go up from there. For some fun retro styling and unique visuals, be sure not to miss out on building your own city in Pixel People.

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    Cyan Worlds

    Everyone remembers Myst. It was one of those few old computer games that really astounded you. The graphics of this Myst sequel were incredible when they were released in 1997, and they still hold up even now. The iOS has seen a resurgence in the point and click adventure game and the revamping of the Myst series is a welcome sight to fans of the old games. It is sumptuous to look at and mind bending to play. Even now, Riven keeps us riveted.

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    Table Top Racing

    Playrise Edge Ltd.

    If you’ve ever found yourself playing with Matchbox cars on the kitchen table, then you’ll definitely want to check out Table Top Racing. It captures that magic of miniature racing while combining it with the weapons and powerups of the best karting games. You can race on surfaces ranging from a Chinese food restaurant table to the picnic table at a backyard barbeque. With great controls and a spot on sense of nostalgia, this game roars its way onto our list of the Best iOS Games of 2013.

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    Super Stickman Golf 2

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    Golf games have been around since the dawn of video games, but Super Stickman Golf 2 puts its own unique spin on the old genre. With courses that would make a miniature golf fanatic squeal with delight, this game has some seriously unique traps. Eschewing the laws of real physics and opting instead for sticky gunk, portals, and gravity bumpers, Super Stickman Golf 2 is the most unique golf game you’ll play on the iOS. Just make sure your skills are up to par.

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    Liberation Maiden

    Level-5 Inc.

    It’s always nice to see big name developers joining forces to bring one of their games to the iOS. Originally for the 3DS, Liberation Maiden made the leap over to the iOS to a fanfare from our review team. The animated cutscenes are eye bogglingly pretty and the game itself plays like a frantic version of Starfox 64. You’ll love your time spent as Madame President Shoko in her giant mech. After all, who doesn’t love giant robots with power metal playing in the background?

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    Infinity Blade 3

    Epic Games

    Epic isn't a large enough word to describe Infinity Blade 3. Everything is giant sized. From its story to the grandiose visuals and frantic gameplay, it is a monstrous achievement for mobile gaming. Slicing and dicing your way through the landscape has never felt better and it allows you a bit of nostalgia for the first time you ever wielded your finger as a blade.

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    Angry Birds Star Wars 2


    Was there any doubt that Angry Birds Star Wars 2 wasn't going to make it onto our list? The original game was a classic for everyone and this sequel still has the Force with it. Even if it does pull inspiration from the prequel trilogy, we can forgive it for its great gameplay that we all know and love. At the very least, we could huck our most hated characters at legless pigs.

  • 10

    Block Fortress

    Foursaken Media

    Block Fortress is one of those rare games that comes around once in awhile to shake up our preconceived notions on genre separations. If you smashed together minecraft with an FPS and a tower defense game, then you’d only be halfway to Block Fortress. With its amazing hybrid of gameplay, you’ll never find yourself with a bored moment. The relentless onslaught of the Goblocks will keep you on your toes. You may be able to build your fortress between waves of enemies, but getting down to the nitty gritty of fighting them yourself is where this game really shines.

  • 9

    Temple Run 2

    Imangi Studios, LLC

    Temple Run was an iOS classic and the sequel is well in the running to be another classic. Temple Run 2 takes the same basic concept set forth in the original and expounds on it to great effect. The greatest running game on the iOS gets even more adventurous by adding in minecarts and ziplines. For fans of the original game, this is a worthy successor that makes your theft of another ancient idol even more exciting. Now, if only they would add that rolling rock from Indiana Jones. Then it would be perfect.

  • 8

    I, Gladiator

    Burlington Trading Limited

    I, Gladiator is a master stroke of brilliant gameplay intertwined with a story that only a video game could tell. The cell shaded art style is so evocative and bright on that retina display. Battling your way through groups of warriors is satisfying and the progression through the game is unique. It really does capture the roaring crowd of the many ancient arenas and fills your veins with bloodlust. I, Gladiator is truly one of the best hack and slash games to appear on the iOS, and it will be a long time before another warrior steps up to knock it from its position.