Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5 has been sucking up all our free time as of late, but it's not just the sequel's story that has us living in Los Santos every waking moment. There's a myriad of extra-curricular activities to enjoy, one of which happens to be taking pictures with GTA 5's Instagram clone, Snapmatic. We've scoured the Rockstar Social Club to find find the Best Grand Theft Auto 5 Snapmatic pics, and we were impressed with what we saw.

Downtown Los Santos is an impressive sight, but this Snapmatic image is about as picturesque as they come.



Rockstar has always had a penchant for Easter eggs, and there are plenty in Grand Theft Auto 5. This LifeInvader profile for Niko Belic happens to be one of the best.



Sharks are already terrifying. They're even more terrifying flying out of the water trying to get a bite of the action.



Smoldering wreckage on Vinewood? Just another day in the life of Trevor.



I can see your Halols, Halols, Halols.



Because the first thing we'd do if we saw a UFO is take a selfie.



Only a tweaker would have the patience and reflexes to snap this picture of lightning crashing in the Alamo Sea.



Sometimes you've just gotta stop and take a picture of the sunrise while you're burying bodies in the mountains.



One Trevor is trouble enough, and this is one Parent Trap we'd want to avoid.



Falling down to Earth after skydiving is one thing. Falling through the Earth is another entirely.