I know when I load up my iPad or iPhone with games, I like to go out in public and use the device's accelerometer like I'm having my own private party. Eyes focused and arms swinging madly at the coffee shop is how this bad boy likes to game. So let's get this ball rolling (get it!) and look at the 10 best ball rolling games in the App Store. C'mon, everyone! Let's see how much body moving we can do in public together!

  • 10

    Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid

    ngmoco, LLC

    Help the weird looking Rolando clan find the Golden Orchid and help save the kingdom. This sequel has new enemies, levels and combat features. It will also test your patience with some questionable physics, but who cares about that when you're too busy flailing from side-to-side as you try and complete each level.

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    Red Ball 3


    You play as a red ball who has to rescue his girlfriend. It's the same motif as the first two Red ball games -- he loses something and has to roll his way through each level to get it back. Get through the obstacles and grab the flag at the end. Can you reunite this cute red ball with his captured girlfriend?

  • 8

    Katamari Amore

    NamcoBandai Games Inc.

    I love the Katamari games but some are a bit upset at this ball rolling entry because it's just a demo and you have to pay to unlock the other levels. A bit on the expensive side? Perhaps. Wonky controls? Sure. Rolling a ball made out of the weirdest junk you can find? Awesome.

  • 7

    Dark Nebula - Episode Two

    1337 Game Design

    Roll and guide your ball (disc? ball? can't tell) through 19 levels. A ton of obstacles stand in your way, but if you've got the skills, you'll do just fine. The accelerometer works great in this game. I loved how responsive it was. Graphics were also pleasantly surprising. So where's my iPad HD version? Maybe they're saving that for Episode Three.

  • 6

    Ball Towers

    Ask Homework

    Ball Towers is a cool little ball rolling game. Guide the marble down a twisting roller coaster path and try not to make it fall off the rails. If it does, a neat rewind feature kicks in and gives you another chance. It's actually a lot of fun to play, but I gotta warn you, it gets tough in the later levels.

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    Crescent Moon Games LLC

    Guide your ball through a graphically intense 3D playfield as you try and find your way to the exit without falling off the rotating gears and tricky platforms. If you experience motion sickness, then you should probably skip this one. Or at least don't sit next to me while I'm drinking my white chocolate mocha. I don't know CPR, so if you pass out you're on your own.

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    Spongebob Marbles & Slides

    MTV Networks

    Despite the crazy busy screen in between levels (I'm not kidding, it's insane how crowded it is), there's a lot of fun to be had in this marble rolling Spongebob game. Draw lines and tilt your device to get the rolling Spongebobs and Patricks to the exit. Mess up and press a button to start over. Physics are questionable, but everything is questionable when you're playing as a sponge that wears pants.

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    Labyrinth 2

    Illusion Labs AB

    If you're going to roll a ball around for entertainment value there's nothing like having fun with a tried and true original. Labyrinth is one of the most basic of the ball rolling games and it's also one of the most fun to play. Guide the ball to the exit. Sounds easy, right? It is if you can avoid the numerous traps in your way. Good luck with that!

  • 2

    Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition

    You can't have a 10 best ball rolling list without including a Super Monkey Ball game! And Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition is the best one out there for ball rolling junkies. Guide your super cute monkey to the exit in stages that get crazier and crazier the further you get. If you play this out in public, people are going to think someone is tazing you. Best get this monkey to safety in the privacy of your own home.

  • 1

    Contre Jour HD


    Once again Contre Jour pops up in one of our "best of" lists. And it deserves the #1 spot as our 10 best ball rolling game because it's so awesome. A beautiful score, wonderful physics and our hero just so happens to be a ball. Is this a cheat entry? I don't think so. The more you play, the more you can't put it down. (And you can stand in line playing this without elbowing the old lady behind you.)