Unless you have millions of dollars, the new management game from Japanese developer Kairosoft might just be the closest you'll come to owning a racehorse. With Pocket Stables, you get to find and train run-of-the-mill horses to be top of the line thoroughbreds. You hear that, Kramer?

This new title for Android puts you in the sweaty suit of a nervous manager of a ranch for racehorses. In order to take your horse to the top, you will need to train them to come out on top with the right amount of stamina, speed, and intensity.

Pocket Stables will then let you enter your horses in races where you can take home prize money. As you move up in the horse racing circuit, you will be able to enter into bigger and bigger races, eventually competing on the world circuit.

In addition to tending to your animals, you can also build up your ranch to attract visitors, who can spend money at gift shops and ice cream stands.

If you've enjoyed previous Kairosoft releases such as Dream House or Beastie Bay on iOS, then consider looking in to getting yourself a copy of Pocket Stables. And hey, unlike the real-life version of owning a race horse, there's way less cleanup with Pocket Stables.