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Today's Cosplay of the Day stars a character that you never actually ever see in the game. Azura, the Daedric Prince of Dusk and Dawn, speaks to the Dragonborn through a statue in Skyrim, ordering the hero to do his/her bidding. But now Azura's been given a fleshy avatar to work with, so let's check out this cosplay!

Azura is one of the more benevolent of the Daedric Princes and isn't inherently evil, though this demonic lord has been known to unleash some wrath every now and again. And though you never actually see Azura in the game, the statue at his/her shrine is a good enough representation of the Daedric Prince.

Here's Katsumiyo, an American cosplayer, in her flesh-and-blood portrayal of the Daedric Prince. Now, these demonic lords don't have genders and can take both male and female forms, so it's cool to see someone cosplaying as the female form of Azura. This is one Daedric Prince for which we'd happily go on quests.

Take a gander at some more of Katsumiyo's work on her deviantART and then let us know what you think of this dressed up deity.


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