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It's not our birthday, but it sure feels like it is, especially after seeing today's featured cosplay, Parasite Eve and The 3rd Birthday's Aya Brea!

She was the subject of creepy experiments that resulted in her sister becoming a huge, mankind-hating monster, and now she's being shown some love on our site. If we were to go up against strange bio-creatures, we'd probably wear something a little less revealing, but we guess since she's got advanced mitochondria inside her, Aya gets a pass. Besides, we kind of dig the ripped denim look.

Lady Shizuka, from Poland, cosplays Aya and looks drop-dead awesome while doing it. She even adopts Aya's poses from the game's promotional material, such as that backwards stance with the come-hither stare. The outfit is simple, but that's why we like it so much. Its no-frills, all-fray aesthetics are an accurate portrayal of Aya's in-game look, so she gets top marks.

Traipse on over to Lady Shizuka's deviantART page to see even more of this Polish beauty. She's got a few more sets featuring Square-Enix games that deserve your appraisal!

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