George Roush Biography

A gamer since birth, George Roush has always had a passion for anything involving a quarter and a joystick. George has provided video game content for sites like IGN. He also wrote the on camera dialog and constructed story segments for the Electronic Entertainment Expo's yearly E3 insider show called Floored. George also has a background in film writing, interviewing celebrities and writing news and set visit pieces for various film sites. His business background includes having worked for Netflix and MGM Studios.

Largest Minecraft 'Star Wars' Themed Roller Coaster

by George Roush January 6, 2014 @ 10:07 AM
In your spare time, you might clean your apartment, read a book, walk your dog, write on your blog, learn French, or even play a video game or two. Not this guy. This guy takes his spare time and Minecrafts the world's largest Star Wars themed roller coaster. Take that, French lesson!