Warner Bros. Interactive Montreal isn't just looking to take on the mantle of the Arkham franchise from Rocksteady, it's also apparently readying the DC Comics universe for the next generation.

According to a new job listing spotted by OXM UK, WB Interactive is looking for a new creative director for the Montreal creative team. There, the candidate will be responsible for "expanding the DC Comics universe in the interactive space." Hopefuls for the job should also be "expert in next-generation AAA action/adventure games," and will help guide the "overall vision of the game in terms of design, aesthetic, and control elements."

Batman: Arkham Origins was only just announced, and is due out later this year. There have been numerous reports over the past year or so that WB Interactive was looking to expand into other Justice League members, but the developer has primarily stuck with Batman over the years. It will likely be a while until more on this next-gen DCU game is revealed, but at least we now know there is more to come on the horizon.

Which DC characters would you like to see get their own next generation console game?