Angry Birds Toons debuts this weekend and Rovio has just announced that the new animated show, in addition to being on TV, will also be distributed through their extensive lineup of mobile games.

All of a sudden, that free copy of Angry Birds that you might have downloaded last week (or any other Angry Birds title on your mobile device), has now become a portal to a television show. Via a round of updates, every game will get a video channel built-in that will let you watch episodes as they are released.


When the millions and millions of app downloades are totaled up thus far, well ... that's some pretty far reach for Rovio. Way more than what most new cartoon shows are used to. In addition to the smartphone approach, the 52 episodes of Angry Birds Toons that are planned will also be viewable on other platforms, such as Xfinity on Demand and Roku.

It would seem as though the big Rovio ambitions that we mused about are starting to come to fruition. It will be interesting to see how much of an impact Angry Birds Toons will have on children's TV.