Looks like there's no stopping the train that is Angry Birds. The enormously popular franchise by Rovio continues to break records and can now be seen on everything from crackers to t-shirts. They've even teamed up with rock band Green Day for a special 10-level Angry Birds game.

Band members Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt are being turned into pigs for the Facebook Friends version of the game. Once players beat the 10th level they'll have access to the song Troublemaker off the band's new cd ¡Uno! that hits store shelves on Sept. 25th.

The levels are pretty cool and seem to take place in front of a giant Green Day concert. One level has you trying to knock out the pigs, only they're hanging upside down. I'm still trying to get past that one. Make sure to head over to the Angry Birds Friends Facebook page and check it out!

As if people needed anymore excuses to play Angry Birds!