After Stone Blade Entertainment found success with their iOS game Ascension, they decided that their fans deserved a version for Android and PC. But in order to make Ascension Online happen, they had to turn to Kickstarter in order to get it off the ground to the tune of $125,000. Kickstarter! Is there anything it can't do?

Stone Blade's Kickstarter campaign ended yesterday, the Ascension Online funds totaled $184,563. Consider that a green light with a little extra. Stone Blade is actually going to use those extra funds to put in a free digital expansion to accompany the release. Not bad.

This new Android-based incarnation of Ascension will enable you to compete in online tournaments, with both "casual pick-up events and larger scheduled tournaments" on the cards.

In addition to Ascension's single-player campaign mode, the new Android-based version of the game will let you to compete in online tournaments, thus the title Ascension Online. Ascension Online will also be free-to-play, with the only in-app purchases for bonus content and not for stuff that feels like it should be part of the proper game.

Ascension Online is on track to appear on Android this December.

Check out the video from Kickstarter below: