Not content with bringing Akanerio: Demon Hunters to tablets after a successful Kickstarter, American McGee and the crew of Spicy Horse Games are now giving another one of their games a new home. You can now get American McGee's Grimm on the Spicy World site!

The game is available in tiny little episodes that are priced at $1.30 and feature the adventures of Grimm, a nasty-looking dwarf, as he stomps around fantasy worlds, trying to return the cutesy fairy tale characters we know back to their darker origins. Oh, and one of his attacks is a butt-stomp. Raise your hand if you've ever wanted to butt-stomp the crap out of Cinderella! No one else? That's fine too.

Don't feel like paying for each episode individually? Well, you can purchase them bundled together in three volumes, for $8.00 each. Or, if you're a fan of instant gratification and discounts, you can buy the whole package and get every episode for $20.

Drop by the SpicyWorld site and take a look at their offerings there! Let us know if you'll be buying a few of these episode or maybe even the whole thing!