American McGee and Spicy Horse's Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is live! Starting hunting down those folkloric Japanese demons and check out the updates on the Kickstarter.

Wondering why the Kickstarter project for the game is still in progress even though the game proper has been launched today? Well, the Kickstarter is to get the game on platforms other than PC and Mac.

But now that the action role-playing game has made its debut, you can check out what the game is all about and decide whether or not you'd like to contribute to the effort to get it on iOS and Android tablets.

The Edo-era action-RPG launches with 20 maps and will soon be integrated with Steam, so even more players can check out the beautiful storybook-like graphics of this game and its unique premise.

You can visit their official site to download the game or the Kickstarter page to help them reach their goal. As of this writing, they've got less than 55 hours to go to raise about $33,000.

Check out some of the screenshots below and let us know if you're going to give this action-RPG a whirl!