Akali (League of Legends) - Cosplay of the Day

Misa/Riot Games

We liked Nurse Akali so much that we hunted down an amazing cosplay of Akali in her default outfit. We simply couldn't believe our eyes when we found such an accurate costume.

As you might know by now, Akali is part of a clan that specializes in maintaining balance in the world. She's even got two kai blades to help complete the illusion of symmetry. This is one ninja we'd hate to see disappear.

Misa is a Taiwanese cosplayer with a penchant for cosplaying really accurate depictions of popular character, especially ones from League of Legends. Her Akali outfit looks like it was pulled out of the game thanks to the details. She even looks like she shares Akali's body type, making for a very high-level cosplay.

Check out her Facebook page to see even more of her jaw-dropping cosplay work.


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