The Adventures of Dash Kickstarter has failed to meet its $400,000 goal and only raised $33,121. What does this mean for the intriguing 2D platformer? Well, according to their recent Kickstarter update, The Adventures of Dash will be put on the backburner while the team finishes up their work on Human Element, which will come out for next generation consoles.

It is a shame, since The Adventures of Dash had such interesting gameplay mechanics to share. It was about a boy with narcolepsy and the aesthetic of the game and the gameplay itself changed whether Dash was awake or asleep. It served as an intriguing way to mix up style and gameplay based on the actual plot.

Who knows what the future will bring though, since there is still interest in the game. If he's lucky, this might not be the last we've heard about Dash and his sleep problems.