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Today's featured character is Resident Evil's Ada Wong, that vixen full of mystery and charm. She may not dress practically to fight off zombies and other Bio-Organic Weapons, but we're not complaining.

But at least Japanese cosplayer Kasane saw fit to dress up in the character's outfit from Resident Evil 6 as well, which is a get-up that's much more manageable when you're facing attacks from inhuman monsters. Anyone who can fight zombies, ward off infected Spanish villagers, and still look that good while running around in heels gets major props from us.

Kasane made a good choice when she decided to dress up as Ada. The exceedingly beautiful Ms. Wong is one of the most celebrated characters in the Resident Evil series and stands as one of the most attractive characters in gaming. We think it's the red dress that does it. Yeah, definitely the red dress.

If you'd like to see more of Kasane's excellent cosplay work, visit her deviantART. She has a lot of fantastic anime-inspired outfits that make her seem like an animated character come to life!

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