The new Saints Row 4 trailer shows off the outstanding array of abilities granted to the President of the United States of Awesome America.

Volition has never been afraid of pushing things to the extreme, and with Saints Row 4, it looks like the developer is taking things to a whole new level of ridonkulous. The latest trailer for the sequel focuses on the strengths, costumes, and weapons you'll be able to wield as the President. Fending off an alien invasion isn't going to be easy, but with an arsenal like this, no one will be able to withstand your veto power.

Due out on August 20th (thankfully a full month before Grand Theft Auto 5), Saints Row 4 will be one hell of a way to close out the summer. The last sequel was a lot of fun, and there's no reason to think this entry won't be just as satisfying.

Check out the footage below, and tell us what your favorite moment from other Saints Row games was in the comments.