It seems impossible to mix anything with Pokemon and not have the result be completely adorable. Now, in a "Pikachu Cafe" in Tokyo, an official Pikachu Maid Outfit has appeared!

According to Kotaku, the latest thing to stir up the maid cafe scene is an official maid outfit fashioned after Pokemon's beloved electric mouse, Pikachu. In the pictures you see here, young celebrity Rika Adachi has donned the maid outfit in question for what is, according to Inside Games, a one-off event at the Pikachu Cafe in Tokyo, Japan.

Adachi was the special guest because she provides the voice for Marilyn Flame, a thief character who appears in the new Pokemon movie. While she was only present for photos, she wasn't actually on hand to work as a real maid and take orders. But hey, at least she gets to wear a unique outfit and pose next to the biggest Pikachu we've ever seen.