The developers of the hit indie cryfest, To The Moon, are coming out with A Bird Story, a game which will set up the second episode of the To The Moon series.

Freebird Games released an amazingly touching indie role-playing game back in 2011 called To The Moon. It had an emotionally-charged story with captivating music from Plants vs. Zombies composer, Laura Shigihara and developer/composer Kan Gao. We were told that To The Moon was only the first episode of a series, and while A Bird Story isn't the next chapter, it does set up the story for the sequel.

To The Moon was a top-down role-playing game with retro graphics that told the story of Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts. Their jobs task them with going into a dying client's mind to let them relive a memory or grant a final request in the form of a new memory. Their adventure focused on an old man named Johnny and his desire to go to the moon.

The only problem was that Johnny didn't know why he wanted to go to the moon, and without knowing the root of that desire, Rosalene and Watts couldn't create a new memory for him. What followed was a trip through Johnny's memories to find out the root of his desire to go to the moon.

A Bird Story is about a boy and bird with an injured wing. This boy will grow up to be the patient of To The Moon 2, set to undergo the same procedure that Rosa and Watts performed on Johnny. The game will be released in mid-2013 and will be followed by To The Moon 2.

You can watch the little teaser trailer below, accompanied by music from Ken Gao, as well as a few of the initial screenshots. Let us know your thoughts about it and whether or not you'd be interested in playing an emotionally-engaging game like this!